Ajna, The Story of the Hidden World Within

On top of a high mountain, where the rays of the moon and the stars meet, there was a sanctuary of knowledge and intuition - the Frontal or Awakening Chakra, also known as Ajna.

In this story full of mysteries, we will discover the realm of hidden worlds within this chakra, where intuition and clairvoyance are the keys to universal wisdom.

The World of the Three Eyes

On top of the mountain, Ajna watched over a world with three eyes - the physical eyes and the mind's eye. This chakra invites us to look beyond appearances, to see not only with our eyes, but also with our heart and spirit. Here, in this dual world, began the story of our inner quest.

The Mystery of the Sixth Chakra

Ajna, often called the sixth chakra, was a gateway to the world of the invisible. In the depths of this story, we discover that Ajna was connecting us with a subtle web of universal knowledge. Here, in the center of our forehead, was a third eye - the eye of the mind - urging us to look beyond the limits of the tangible world.

Journey to the Land of Dreams and Visions

Ajna was where dreams came to life and our visions traveled to unseen horizons. It was a journey through the subtle world of consciousness, where imagination and reality met in a fascinating dance. Through meditation and introspection, we discover that this chakra guides us to a deep understanding of ourselves and the Universe.

Command of Intuition

On top of the mountain, Ajna taught us to listen to the subtle whispers of intuition, a source of guidance in life's uncertain moments.

Through practices of awareness and inner listening, we could open ourselves to the subtle wisdom emanating from this high chakra.

Harmony Between the Seen and Unseen Worlds

But how could we maintain this harmony between the two worlds? Through the balance between the seen and unseen world. Ajna reminds us that we can bring light into the shadows and wisdom into the unknown. By honoring our intuition and embracing our visions, we manage to live in balance and harmony with the Universe.

End of the Journey

And so, the story of the Frontal Chakra continues, a journey to a deep understanding of the hidden worlds within. Through Ajna, we would open the eyes of our mind and soul to the mysteries of universal knowledge. May this chakra guide our steps towards a deeper knowledge and a wise life, where between the two worlds, we see only one reality - that of our inner and universal existence.

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