Premium Services

Maybe for me I have not always purchased only premium goods. But I know that when I did a service for someone, I tried to offer it at a premium level. Or if we sold something to someone, that person had to feel that he received more than he offered in return. That's why we decided that everything we will sell under the LOUD brand will be PREMIUM.

Premium textiles and materials

Also, the company that registers, packs and delivers the clothes for LOUD is perhaps the best on the market. It uses ecological inks that are friendly to us and the environment. Thermal foils are of the best possible quality to withstand washing over time.

The textile materials are premium, and the manufacturing company is one of the world leaders on the textile market obtained from sustainably produced ecological cotton.

Feedback Premium

I want the feedback and the relationship with those who purchase our products to be at the highest level. Errors will probably occur, but I don't think there will ever be anything that cannot be solved. So before giving a negative review, I would like to talk and find out what it is about. Especially since it's not us, Georgiana and Marian, who print the articles.

Our roles

Marian, the one who will always write, takes care of the creation and promotion part. Georgiana takes care of the accounting records and the relationship with the company that prints our articles.

Print on Demand services

Regarding production and delivery, being a PRINT ON DEMAND business, this means that we will not work with products in stock. Everything will be printed on demand, strictly based on the orders received. The delivery time will be 3, maximum 5 days. I hope that the price paid and the waiting time will be worth it for you.

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