Who is the LOUD team

We are Marian and Georgiana.
Marian takes care of the creative part - "finding" the messages and translating them into digital format. Almost everything related to design, artistic part, but also marketing, photography and video editing of presentation videos.

Georgiana takes care of the accounting records, the relationship with customers and product suppliers.

How the LOUD concept came about

Loud was created in turbulent times, when the pandemic began to rule humanity. To keep our minds sane we turned to documenting and reading in general. We were inspired by amazing people like: Tonny Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Napoleon Hill, Robin Sharma.
Thus we have chosen to support our point of view with dignity, honestly and directly. Hence the slogan of our brand - Have a voice!
Also during the pandemic I learned almost the entire suite from Adobe to keep my mind occupied. I also studied notions of calligraphy and design.

Why t-shirts with motivational and inspirational messages ?

Around the same time I started painting the walls with messages to help me focus on the positive side of things. I even thought that I could do this work for other people in similar situations. People who need a little help or at least a little push.
But how many walls could I paint?! I guess I wouldn't get into too many houses.
That's how the revelation came naturally... How would it be to always carry something with us that reminds us, both us and the others around us, of the things that should really matter?! To remind us of who we want to become. Of the qualities we have and which we always forget to appreciate. Of personal goals. Or simply to remember that we need to smile more.

The quality of LOUD products

We have chosen to sell products of the best possible quality. The hoodies are made of cotton that is extremely soft to the touch, which comes from sustainable cotton crops. The t-shirts come from 100% organic cotton and also from sustainable production.
So we are talking about premium quality t-shirts, blouses and hoodies. The prints are made using the best quality materials, with long resistance to repeated washings, if the instructions for use on the label are followed.
The products used for packaging are made of biodegradable or recyclable materials, including the courier envelope.
Our hoodies, blouses and t-shirts have printed labels at the base of the neck with care instructions in Romanian. The package also means wrapping in tissue paper, a cardboard box with the LOUD logo and a biodegradable courier envelope. Everything is thought to be the perfect gift for the most demanding tastes.
We want to be able to provide the best possible services for our customers and meet their expectations as often as possible.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to read the entire post.

We wish you the strength to keep dreaming!

Loud Design Team,
Marian and Georgiana

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Dragilor, ati reusit sa transformati ideea mea nastrusnica intr-o surpriza senzationala de Craciun, pentru toata familia mea. Tricourile si hanoracele sunt impecabile, atat din punct de vedere al calitatii, cat si al realizarii. Detaliile clar fac diferenta. Le-am purtat cu mare drag si am povestit tuturor cum au luat nastere. Va asigur ca vor calatori cu noi peste tot prin lume :). Keep up (and LOUD) the good work 👍

raluca finta

Draga Marian si Georgiana , felicitari pentru site ul deosebit ! Va urez mult succes si abia astept sa port ceva semnificativ de la voi ! 🌺

Denisa Doss

Felicitari dragilor, sunt convinsa ca veți livra aceeași calitate cu care suntem obișnuiți deja. Noi singur vom deveni clienții voștri!🤗


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