Where did the inspiration for the "Natural Born Winner" t-shirt come from?

As I said in previous posts, the messages created and transposed on the t-shirts come from the books I've read, sometimes in the form of revelation or from my own experience. Sometimes the messages take shape by listening to the lyrics of your favorite songs. Because music has been close to me both for better and for worse, my whole life.

There are days when I relax with a good movie, and inspiration doesn't take long to appear.
This time the message came to me by making an association with an older, but incredibly good movie. It's about "Natural Born Killers". Its appearance in 1994 left its mark on my mind as well as that of film critics. It was an extremely controversial film that earned a high score on IMDB - 7.2, but lacked the positive reviews of critics on Rotten Tomatoes, although the public appreciated it here as well.

About the movie Natural Born Killer

The movie is shocking, that's probably why it left traces in my memory. It is not the type from which to extract a motivational message for someone. It's full of violence, it's shocking, but I won't reveal its story. But I can tell you that two fantastic actors are playing: Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. Except for the fact that I don't remember the appearance in other roles of two super actors - Robert Downey Jr. and Tommy Lee Jones, the direction is signed by Oliver Stone, and the story of the film is written by none other than Quentin Tarantino. So how weak could the film be?! 🙂

The idea is that the title of the film still remains in my memory, only 28 years have passed. 28 years since I saw this movie!!! ... !!! ... That's how I realize that I'm not really a kid anymore...

The natural way to Natural Born Winner

Anyway, if this title has been following me for a while, I thought it would be interesting to turn it into something else. The first message created was NATURAL BORN SINNER. It somewhat fit a kinky concept for me (and will probably appear in a future collection), but a religious concept for others. It's just that it didn't find its place in the collection of motivational messages that I recently launched.

One morning I was reading something about how the human brain works. Namely, that it is much easier for us to remember failures than successes. Those failures become part of our identity. We start to believe that we are unlucky, that we don't have what others naturally have to succeed in life. We don't have enough opportunities in our life.

But how about remembering that we all had our moments of glory on a smaller or larger scale?! Are we born on this Earth to shine, to win, to leave a positive mark behind us? And what do we do?! We live in the past. We anticipate the future based on what we have already experienced. It is almost impossible for us to believe that we can have crazy success in life. I forgot to laugh. I forget what it's like to walk with your head up on the street. For some of us, dreams disappear.

So things miraculously connected... How about turning that movie title into NATURAL BORN WINNER!?

And here we are...

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